Thank You Gifts for Real Estate Professionals

//Thank You Gifts for Real Estate Professionals

Thank You Gifts for Real Estate Professionals

You’re looking for Thank You Gifts for real estate professional to thank your referral parter for a successful hand off of the keys from the seller to the buyer.

There were quite a few professionals involved and referred for this transaction.

The mortgage officer got the loan across with out hiccups and coached the buyer on how to finance their home.

The title company facilitated the transaction with quality.

The buyer and seller’s agents both completed their end providing that value making sure each side got what they needed.

The new resident moved into their new home, keys in hand, and everyone is happy.

However, one of the professionals was referred by another, and while they did a successful transaction netting all of the professionals a bonus…

The professional would be wise to continue that relationship with a present that keeps them in mind.

Each and every professional likes to work with others’ that are compitent but the value of reprocity through a thank you gift cements a relationship for a mutual profit-seeking relationship.

And even through one was referred in, its beneficial for professionals to be kept in mind for any other referrals or potential real estate transactions.

The mortgage lender sends a thank you to the buyer’s agent, who then with a new client suggests the buyer at least have a phone call with a mortgage officer that he’s worked with in the past.

The seller’s agent send a unique gift for title company, who in the transaction might need their services in the future.

… and then the buyer asks for some light home remodeling work and if the buyer’s agent or lender knows of any local Minnesotan remodelers.

The networkers and corporate gifting professionals that cement that transactional relationship will continue to prosper.

And if you’re a real estate professional trying to use b2b gifting strategies, Marcelita’s Cookies can help you scale, manage and retain your professional network.

The commission may be in excess of $3000, so a tactical business gifting strategy is needed to get a high return.

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Contact us and book a time, and we’ll share our gourmet gift with you to try and we’ll share how you can get your network eager to return the favor with reprocity.