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Unique Hispanic Gourmet Cookies and Gifts in Minneapolis, MN

Unique Hispanic Gourmet Cookies and Gifts
Mail Order CookiesMake a lasting impression with delicious, fresh-baked mail order cookies by Marcelita’s Cookies. Customers love the taste of our family recipe along with the beautiful Hispanic presentation and packaging design. Upscale, elegant, and incredibly delightful: Marcelita’s Cookies are a memorable experience. What is a memorable Marcelita’s Cookies gift experience? It tastes fresh, soft, and chewy – moist with a touch of crunch, and the perfect texture. It’s convenient to order with a pleasant high-end customer service. Customers who order our cookies by mail will be delighted by its beautiful packaging. Time and time again these are the words our customers in Minneapolis, Minnesota use to describe Marcelita’s Cookies – from the decadent cookie creations to the sought after gourmet cookie baskets. Made only with the finest ingredients and baked with love, Marcelita’s gourmet cookies are unlike any other.

Marcelita’s Mail Order Cookies Are A Tasteful Blend Of Our Family Cultures
Our authentic, family recipe is a blend of our cultures from Minnesota and Veracruz. We use the highest quality ingredients to create a scrumptious symphony of walnuts, oatmeal, butterscotch chips, and white chocolate, topped with a drizzle of milk or dark chocolate…plus a pinch of our secret Mexican ingredients.You will not only get a beautiful blend of soft and chewy, but a tasteful blend of family cultures in each of our cookie creations and gourmet cookie baskets. We take pride in our family recipe and our passion in baking which we hope to translate in every product you purchase from us.

Baked Fresh to Order for Delivery To Any City in the Country
To guarantee freshness for our cookie packages by mail in Minneapolis, Marcelita’s Cookies are baked to order and include an elegant card with your personalized gift message sheathed in a vellum envelope. Each cookie is individually wrapped and carefully packaged in a stylish Hispanic design gift box of 12 or 24 cookies.Our custom designed shipping box provides added protection. We will deliver your gift to any city in the country, right to your doorstep or right to your office for a hassle-free shopping experience. This way, you can taste our delightful creations immediately. Surprise your customers, friends, or family with Marcelita’s Cookies and enjoy the ease and convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home or office – whether you’re after a small batch of gourmet cookies or our unique set of gourmet cookie baskets.

Deliver Bites of Delight in Every Cookie Bite
Marcelita’s Cookies is the perfect partner for when you want to indulge your sweet tooth without going overboard. We offer you a delicious blend of sweet and unique Hispanic flavors for a delightful experience in every bite.We offer a range of mail order gourmet cookie gifts perfect for any occasion. Our scrumptious baked treats are carefully packaged in an elegant Hispanic design gift box, so you can send it to loved ones without any hassle.Our passion for whipping up world-class gourmet cookies is at the center of all our creations. Our cookies use top quality ingredients to give it that fresh flavor, distinct chewy texture, and delectable appearance. With every bite, you get a delightful mix of sweet, crunch, richness, and softness that you can only get when you bake the dough right. Add to that a dash of spice on the finish and you get a truly wonderful dessert experience.At Marcelita’s Cookies, we make (or more accurately, bake) it a point to provide you with gourmet mail order cookies that will delight your senses. We are committed to perfection with every single turn of the mixer. Trust that our baked creations are made only with the finest quality ingredients, with each piece baked with love and care just like mama and grandma used to make. When you want to send a unique thank-you to customers or an exceptional gift to an exceptional client, buy online or call in today for our gourmet cookie gift packages.Order A Dozen Cookies For Mail Order

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