Gourmet Thank You Cookies

A Taste of Thanks

Good things come in small packages from Marcelita’s Cookies.
When you want to give more than words.

A simple but genuine thank you speaks volumes. But gourmet thank you cookies from Marcelita’s speak even louder. They will appreciate your verbal thanks, but will love your thank you cookies! For the co-worker who has helped you with several key projects: send thank you cookies. For the networking colleague who always champions your business: you know they love delicious cookies. For a friend who went out of their way to help you: give cookies. For the people who deserve more than a simple “thank you”… cookies! With A Taste of Thanks gourmet cookies gift box, Marcelita’s Cookies has perfected delivering good things in small packages. From corporate thank you gifts to special and unique thank you gift baskets, we can bring all these goodness right to your doorstep.

Delicious Thank You Cookies in the Perfect Size

17458362_10155168677982238_2153227601235373570_nAt Marcelita’s Cookies we understand the importance of saying thank you. We understand how large role gratitude plays in human relationships. Like you, we know the right present can provide a tasteful, memorable experience that reflects well on you. Sometimes it’s appropriate to send a sizeable corporate thank you gift to the staff of a small business or a project team within a larger company. Other times a unique, personal expression of gratitude, like a unique thank you cookie gift basket is just what you need to let someone know you truly appreciate their individual efforts.That’s why we offer A Taste of Thanks – three delicious gourmet Marcelita’s Cookies boxed individually and carefully nestled in a larger box for an elegant presentation. Not too big…not too small. Just right.

Give Thanks Tastefully

B7-A-Taste-of-Thanks-closed-300x165Similar to other offerings within our carefully crafted family of Marcelita’s corporate cookie products, A Taste of Thanks greets your recipient with a Marcelita’s Cookies signature gift box along with a refined gift card and envelope complete with your company logo and personalized message. A Taste of Thanks is filled with the traditional, exceptional flavors you’ve come to expect from Marcelita’s Cookies: walnuts, oatmeal, butterscotch chips and chocolate…plus a pinch of our secret Mexican ingredients! Distinct and delicious – A Taste of Thanks is a small token of the highest quality in gourmet cookies that will be sure to be received as a resounding thank you. What better way to say thank you than to show someone you appreciate what goodness tastes like? Let our thank you cookie creations say it all for you. We bake with love and you taste love in every box and every bite. With this carefully crafted gift box, everyone is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and the decadence of our creations.

Thankfully Deliver The Perfect Message

Complete your effort with a thank you message that describes your gratitude for the hardworking team behind you. Or write a simple thank you message for someone who has always been by your side. While you can let the cookies do the talking, accompany our unique thank you gift basket with a short and sweet message for that extra dash of sweetness. Do you enjoy coffee with your cookies? Discover our specialty, gourmet Rio de Oro coffee and all the ways you can include it with your gift of Marcelita’s Cookies. Say thank you with our decadent cookie creations, coffee products and unique thank you gift baskets. We bake fresh to order and deliver to any city in the country! See Thank You Cookies Pricing

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