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Marcelita’s Coffee – A specialty gourmet gift


What makes a Marcelita’s Cookie even better? Coffee…but not just any coffee. We worked long hours with our coffee roaster to develop a special blend that is one of the best gourmet coffee gifts available.This gourmet coffee blend is specially designed to complement to our Hispanic Gourmet Cookies. After much market testing and coffee cupping the result was Marcelita’s Gourmet Coffee: Rio de Oro.Marcelita’s Coffee is made from a special blend using premium beans from Latin American. The medium roast whole bean coffee from the cloud forest region of Chiapas, Mexico, create a cup of brew with a pleasant snap and distinct flavor. Great with cookies!

The Perfect Gift: Marcelita’s Gourmet Cookies & Coffee

We are excited to offer a delicious combination gift of Hispanic Gourmet Cookies and coffee in Minneapolis, MN. We combine a handsome, one pound bag of our exclusive whole beans, Rio de Oro, along with one dozen, or half a dozen, scrumptious Marcelita’s Cookies, carefully packaged in our elegant Hispanic designed gourmet coffee gift box. Or, you can turn this delightful duo into a threesome by adding a handcrafted pottery mug.

Brewing Flavors and Richness for a Truly Gourmet Taste

B3-cookies-and-coffee-open-box-smallAt Marcelita’s Cookies, we know that a great tasting cookie deserves an equivalent cup of coffee, which is why we offer gourmet coffee gifts you can pair with our baked creations.We understand that the foundation of a good cup of Joe is a good bean, and that better beans mean a better brew. Our gourmet coffee gift packages are special because they use premium beans sourced from Latin America to ensure you get a rich-tasting, robust coffee flavor with every sip.Our cookies and gourmet coffee gifts come in special packs ready for gifting. This food and drink combo underwent meticulous development to ensure you get two flavors that complement each other. Our special blend has that rich, distinct taste and a pleasant snap that goes down well with the sweetness of our baked treats. This makes for a wonderful mix of flavors, textures, and aroma.Our cookies pack just the right sweetness, perfectly blended with the bite of the nut, the richness of chocolate, and moist, chewy texture. Pair it with our robust coffee blend and you get a whole different flavor profile. A bite of cookie, a sip of coffee, and you’ll definitely be happy. Give your clients the perfect cookie and coffee pairing with our gourmet corporate gift packages. Buy online or call us today.

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