Health Benefits for Coffee Lovers

//Health Benefits for Coffee Lovers

Health Benefits for Coffee Lovers

Coffee devotion is a serious passion for a lot of people.  In fact, the United States is the biggest coffee consumer in the world. Did you know that fifty-four percent of Americans report drinking it every day?  While some associate caffeine dependence with higher stress levels, it’s been proved to possess a multitude of health benefits.If you’re searching for the perfect present for your favorite gourmet coffee lover, you can send them one of our special blend Marcelita’s Coffee packages with confidence knowing the helpful advantages of their morning cup of Joe!

It’s a Source of Antioxidants.

Besides fruits and vegetables, people seem to absorb the greatest amount of disease-fighting antioxidants from their daily coffee!

It can Help Lower Stress.

Research has shown that the smell of coffee alone can lower your stress level and even change your brain protein – the best part of waking up, indeed!

It Jolts Athletic Performance.

Scientists have suggested for some time that drinking coffee before a workout can help extend endurance and increase athletic performance.

It Promotes Brain Health.

Recent studies point to moderate coffee consumption as a potential protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee enables your brain to work in a more efficient, logical, and streamlined manner! 

And the best part of all, Marcelita’s Coffee and Cookies puts you and your customers in their best mood of the day. Enjoy!