Giving a Sweet Touch of Mexico

//Giving a Sweet Touch of Mexico

Giving a Sweet Touch of Mexico

Do you Love Cookies?

How many have you had in your lifetime? You’ve tasted chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal, and snickerdoodles. With nuts or without nuts. Frosted or unfrosted. There are too many variations to mention. There is so much variety and personalization, the possibilities are endless.With so many ordinary choices, why not choose a cookie that is extraordinary? How about oatmeal blended with crunchy walnuts, secret Mexican spices, and a touch of butterscotch with white chocolate? Drizzle milk or dark chocolate over them to seal the deal. Sound good?These cookies do exist. They are Marcelita’s Cookies and it’s no ordinary cookie company.

Cookies with History

The thing that makes these cookies so special is the fact they were founded by two families who blended their Hispanic heritage to create this cookie sensation. Marcelita’s is proud of their roots and the attention and love that goes into creating gourmet cookies. From the finest quality ingredients, to the special and unique packaging, great care and attention to detail makes them stand out from all the rest.

Meant for Sharing

When something is this good, you can’t keep it to yourself. Give a sweet touch of Mexico that your friends, family, or colleagues won’t forget! You will enjoy them, too. The lucky people who are given a gift of Marcelita’s cookies will thank you! Elegantly wrapped and tastefully presented, these cookies are good to give for all occasions.

Just the Best

Marcelita’s Cookies started out with the concept of not being a big cookie company, just the best. It’s our joy to deliver quality, scrumptious cookies to you and your family and friends. You can call us toll-free at 888-270-5794 or visit us online. It would be our pleasure to serve you!