About Marcelita’s Cookies

Marcelita’s Cookies is a dream come true thanks to our families and friends.

They are the ones who encouraged us to blend our Minnesota and Veracruz cultures to create tastefully delicious Hispanic, gourmet Marcelita’s Cookies. To all of them, a special thank you for all their support!Many of our customers want to know; who is Marcelita’s Cookies? Marcelita’s Cookies is a family business of the heart. We take every aspect of our cookie creations, presentations, and customer service very seriously. But don’t let that word fool you – we derive tremendous joy in the entire process. Marcelita’s Cookies is made with more than the finest ingredients. Marcelita’s Cookies is:


D-Our-Story-Marcelita-and-JuanWhen it comes to cooking and baking, Marcelita is the creative engine. “I love to cook, entertain, and come up with new and different family recipes and dishes; and Chela, Juan’s Mom from Veracruz has helped us to perfect our Hispanic gourmet cookies”.

Juan The Cookie Man™

Juan’s focus is on business development. In fact, Grupo Avance, our Hispanic Market Development consulting business, develops and executes our business plan as well as manages our suppliers and business partners relationships, without whom, this enterprise couldn’t succeed.

Our Customers

Our customers are awesome! We are thankful and indebted to each and every one of them. They continuously tell us how much they love Marcelita’s Cookies and keep giving us ideas to better improve the product and overall gifting and shopping experience.

Not the Biggest…Just the Best!

Back at the beginning, when we were thinking about what type of company to be, we read Small Giants, by Bo Burlingham. In his book, Bo tells us about unique companies that have chosen to be ‘great’ instead of ‘big’ and how they have developed their own ‘mojo’, or business soul.Well, we thought this was quite inspirational and decided that, at Marcelita’s Cookies, instead of aiming to be the biggest, we just want to be the best! Simply put, our mojo or business soul is:

  • To honor God in all our doings
  • To delight our customers in every possible way
  • To make our company and community stronger
  • To foster our business partners and suppliers relationships

Thank you for your business and drop us a line from time to time. We always love to hear from you!Saludos, Marcelita and Juan

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