10 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Your Boss


Confused on what to give to convey your goodwill to your head honcho? We got you covered with a list of wonderful gift ideas. They’re appropriate for most occasions and affordable.

Most employees agree that shopping for your boss can be a stressful task, depending on your boss’ personality. Some people can get away with a friendly and kind boss, while others will struggle to not offend their strict and no-nonsense boss. It’s good to be thoughtful of your upper charge, but you don’t need to unnecessarily stress yourself on how to express your gratitude.

Not only your co-workers, but your boss will appreciate your thoughtfulness for giving them a gift. Wonderful gifts will not only show them how much you care about their well-being but can potentially set you up in line for that long overdue promotion. Your gift should reflect your goodwill in order to improve their impression of you.

Another thing to consider is your relationship with your head honcho. The closer, the better, since you’ll get to know what they would like or what they’re into. But if you’re someone who gets into their room just to get them to sign your checks, you might have to look for something more generic. Yes, it’s awkward when you gift them personalized wines and then you find out that they don’t drink.

Keep it simple when buying a gift for someone who signs your paycheck. Not everyone buys individual gifts for their boss, but it’ll help to shape their thoughts on you.

But you might ask, “I don’t really know my boss, what should I buy?” Here’s our list of 10 wonderful gift ideas to show your thoughtfulness. In no order, check it out!

  1. Pen Holder
    If your boss is still using an old-fashioned tin can as a pen holder, you might consider a specifically-designed one to beautify his office with a smart-looking pen holder. It’s an epitome of stylish storage yet still functional to hold pens needed to sign your checks. Click here for (random Amazon pen holder link).
  2. Tea Assortment
    A good alternative if your boss doesn’t like drinking from a coffee machine, chances are he’ll appreciate a good tea. An office tea time with a quality tea will boost everyone’s mood, They come with varieties that range from relaxing drinks to healthy ones that boost immunity. Click here for (random Amazon tea box link).
  3. Desktop Clock
    A classy desktop clock brings a great addition to your boss’ office, with style. One thing you should consider is their style preference. Do they prefer retro style for office decoration that goes well with historical business or sleek, modern style that goes well with modern companies? Click here for (random Amazon retro clock link) or click here for (random Amazon modern clock link).
  4. Embroidered Travel Case
    If your boss is someone who travels a lot for a business reason, he’ll appreciate an embroidered travel case to avoid mixing up his case with the others. Get a travel case with his name embroidered, and make sure the case can hold up typical items you’ll bring with you when going on a long trip. It will go a long way. Click here for (random Amazon travel case link).
  5. Power Bank
    Goes well if your boss also goes on a lot of business trips. They’ll usually stay on the road long enough without any nearby electric plug to recharge their phone. Make sure that your thoughtfulness is warmly received in the form of a mobile, powerful power bank. Great choice for your boss and co-workers alike. Click here for (random Amazon power bank link).
  6. Neck Shoulder Massager
    When it becomes a stressful situation at the office, most people will go for a massage as a relief. What if your boss is too busy to get a masseuse? A good neck shoulder massager is like a professional masseuse on call. Easy to use and effective, ensure that your boss’ stress level is low enough. Click here for (random Amazon neck shoulder massager link).
  7. Business Card Holder
    A good business card is a sign of professionalism, but having a chic-looking business card holder is also important. Any professional won’t argue with that idea, and they’ll appreciate a good business card case to show that they belong to an elite class. Show your boss that you care. Click here for (random Amazon business card holder link).
  8. Assorted Succulents
    Although your boss isn’t a green thumb, no problem. Those plants require almost zero care, and they can be great additions to any office. They’re small enough and don’t occupy a large space. They bring nice color and texture to brighten up the surroundings. Click here for (random Amazon assorted succulents link).
  9. Gourmet Coffee
    Some professionals are big coffee connoisseurs. They need extra energy whenever they want it, and they will prefer an aromatic, expert-blended coffee over ordinary coffee packs you find in supermarkets. Your boss can also flaunt it in front of their clients or fellow executives, and that’s a plus. Coffee from the region of Chiapas, Mexico, for example, has a pleasant snap and distinct flavor that will please coffee lovers’ taste buds. Click here for gourmet coffee selected from Chiapas, Mexico.
  10. Gourmet Cookies
    A box of gourmet cookies can go a long way to express your goodwill. In holidays, your boss will share those delicious treats with their family members or relatives. Everyone loves cookies, especially gourmet ones. Those come with a carefully designed, personalized box, to make them stand out from usual roadside cookies. You might want to buy it for yourself, but make sure to buy some for your boss. Click here for family recipe, Latino gourmet cookies with your personalized message.

Finding a great gift can be a quite demanding task. But some gifts can suit every occasion and personalities. Click here to buy an excellent gift that fits everyone, today!

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